The most successful brands in business are always evolving and innovating to consistently support the culture they're creating. 

2020 taught people around the world that the life we were living collectively, as human beings, was not the way!

Founder and photographer, Vanessa Simmons used the power of her vision to recreate what breastfeeding support can look like on a global scale. She delivered her message to virtual conferences around the world declaring that it is time to, "Liberate Millenials from the Pressures of Breastfeeding with the Power of Social Media Support."

"No longer will modern mothers be subjected to public shame for feeding their babies human milk. Now is the time that we align our minds with ancient wisdom that teaches us to nurture our children with purpose."

-Founder, Vanessa Simmons


Speaker April 2020 Gold Lactation Conference

Keynote Speaker Oct 2020 Maine WIC State Conference

Keynote Speaker Nov 2020 Indiana WIC State Conference

Les Brown Power Voice Summit Speaker June 2021


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